Late night with Heidi!

2010-01-31 14:40:47 by allemansing

Hello stranger.
Suddenly, upon looking through my old unfinished flash projects, I realised this one was not so bad, very much effort was put into it and i could finish it off quite quickly if I wanted to. So after more than a year of flash animation hiatus, I grasped the mouse and set off into the adventure.

So here you go, one and a half year after it was started (originally planned to be just an intro to a George Episode 2), I give you Late Night with Heidi!

Just might be my last Newgrounds submission


2008-05-23 19:46:28 by allemansing

I have released the first of a coming 900 000 episodes of George, a touching story about a potato and his british broccoli friend Peter.


New flash!

2008-02-05 14:57:19 by allemansing

I just submitted my latest flash "sleep mind, sleep". It's not what I said I was working on in my last post but what the hell.
Have a peek. It might brighten your month and put a cheery, juicy smile upon those grey, dry lips of yours.

To my fans:

2007-12-20 16:36:07 by allemansing

So, seeing as I'm quite a famous internet animator with an astonishing group of followers, I need to start making news posts so all my news-post readers can keep up with the merry things that are constantly going on in my creative style of life.
Today I'm out of school for two weeks, which is nice.
I've just finished a pretty nice flash intro for my sister's speedskiing website. The site itself isn't done yet but I'm not in charge of that since I don't know HTML. You can all watch it here:, but go easy, or the sudden boost of visitors may bring putfile down.
Rite... so I've half heartedly also started off something a bit larger than flash intros. Another damn project which I will hate half way through, submit and get five reviews from four noobs and Sir-S-of-TURBO. The project, however, is probably the sainest of the 'funny' flash so far. If I finish it. It's about a Mr Rupert Figgletip. Will anyone read this thing anyway?
EMO : (