Entry #4

Late night with Heidi!

2010-01-31 14:40:47 by allemansing

Hello stranger.
Suddenly, upon looking through my old unfinished flash projects, I realised this one was not so bad, very much effort was put into it and i could finish it off quite quickly if I wanted to. So after more than a year of flash animation hiatus, I grasped the mouse and set off into the adventure.

So here you go, one and a half year after it was started (originally planned to be just an intro to a George Episode 2), I give you Late Night with Heidi!

Just might be my last Newgrounds submission


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2010-01-31 15:14:47

Good,but kinda boring.


2014-04-01 19:51:43

sleep mind, sleep
the person was in Underwear in bed?