New flash!

2008-02-05 14:57:19 by allemansing

I just submitted my latest flash "sleep mind, sleep". It's not what I said I was working on in my last post but what the hell.
Have a peek. It might brighten your month and put a cheery, juicy smile upon those grey, dry lips of yours.


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2008-02-05 16:34:18

that was a great flash man, keep it up


2008-02-05 19:37:26

good flash man, keep it up and u even might fp(front page)someday


2008-02-05 19:44:55

Nice! I liked it... good work dude!


2008-02-06 16:19:09

nice work man! really funny stuff and i can totally relate ^^


2008-02-12 22:38:02

the movie and the idea was brillant!! nice job...


2008-03-08 19:03:33

Ha. you don't look "special".

allemansing responds:

What the hell is that supposed to mean? :P